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Purpose of Head Start

The purpose of Head Start is to promote the school readiness of income eligible children by enhancing their cognitive, social, and emotional development in a learning environment that supports children's growth in language, literacy, mathematics, science, social and emotional functioning, creative arts, physical skills, and approaches to learning, through the provision to low-income children and their families of health, educational, nutritional, social and other services that are determined based on family needs assessments, to be necessary.



The Education plan provides an enrichment program for all children and promoted school readiness in partnership with Parents and the community.

Children are provided with a variety of learning experiences that support growth in language, literacy, math, science, social and emotional functioning, creative arts, physical skills and approaches to learning.

Individual education plans are developed for each child with input from parents.

Children with disabilities are integrated into the regular program and receive related services on site.



The health services program promotes preventive health services and early intervention.  Children must have a complete physical exam, dental exam, up-to-date immunizations.  Children receive vision and hearing screenings, speech, language and developmental screenings.


Mental Health

The Mental Health program supports awareness and understanding of mental wellness.  The program provides for early identification and intervention when concerns about a child may interfere with a child's development.  A Mental Health Consultant provides services to children and families on a regular basis.



The Nutrition program provides food which helps supplement a child's daily nutritional needs.  Breakfast, lunch, and snack are served which meet the Child and Adult Care Food Program guidelines and provide 2/3 of a child's daily nutritional needs.

Meals are prepared from fresh foods and children eat at tables in small groups with a least one adult.  Children are encouraged to serve themselves, pass dishes, and pour their own milk.  A nutritious snack is provided for home based children during their regular home visit.


Family Services

The program focuses on the total well being of the child and the entire family.  Information on community services, resources and advocacy for families is provided.


Parent Involvement

Parents are offered an opportunity to become directly involved in the education of young children.  They are encouraged to volunteer to serve in a planning and a advisory capacity and can work directly with children.

Research has shown that children whose parents become directly involved in the program receive the most lasting benefits from their Head Start experience.










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